Nov. 2002 by Olrik
10 steps to get your planet started

First initiate at least 2 roids (look at #9)

1) goto the "Construction" screen and build the "Mining Center"
2) goto the "Research" screen to research the "Energy Patterns"
3) goto the "Resource" screen to initiate 3 Crystal roids

You have to wait a few ticks

4) construction screen again to build the "Scope Amplifier"
5) research screen to research the "Crystal Extraction"

wait a few ticks again

6) construction screen to build the "Crystal Refinery"
7) research screen to research the "Resource Signatures"

the "Resource Signatures" is prolly the most important research in them as you need it to build "Asteroid Scans" when your "News" show you that the "Resource Signatures" is finished you should

8) goto the "Waves" screen to make new "Wave Amplifier" and "Asteroid Scan" to gain new Asteroids (to gain more resources). build about 3 "Wave Amplifier" (to make your scans more succesfull) for every "Asteroid Scan".

after 6 ticks your first "Asteroid Scan" are ready and you should launch them.

9) goto the resource screen to initiate your roids (initiate = make them producing new resources)

You should initiate the first 14 roids (short form of Asteroids) in the following way:

1 C, 2 C, 3 C (the 3 roids you have at the start), 4 E, 5 C, 6 E, 7 C, 8 C, 9 E, 10 C, 11 E, 12 C, 13 C, 14 C. (M = Metal roid, C = Crystal roid, E = Eonium roid).

the 15th up to the 50th roid should go into M roids.

10) now you should make the decision what you want to research/construct first.
10a) bigger ships (beyond DE class) is usually not worth it as you wont have the resources to build them in bigger numbers.
10b) ETA researches are very important at the start if you playing with your m8s or and alliance coz they lower your eta so you can send defense faster.
10c) PDS research is the most important if your playing solo. a good pds mix (neurons and ions are the most important) guarantees you a night with alot of sleep and no incomings.
10d) the resources research are always worth it but at the start the other const/res are more important.

Finally: initiate up to 100-200 roids and start attacking (with astropods) after that go gain new roids.
Nov. 2002 by Olrik