Res / Con
Research paths
War Science PDS Waves Traveltime Mining
Light FactoryMounted EMPPDS Control CenterEnergy PatternsQuantum MechanicsMining Center
Space Warfare
Disables: Cloaking Device
Spider FactoryNeural NetworksScope AmplifierRift GeneratorCrystal Extraction
War AcademyCloaking Device
Disables: Space Warfare
Particle AcceleratorResource SignaturesWarp TechnologyCrystal Refinery
Plasma WeaponsWraith FactoryEnhanced TargetingWave filterWarpfield RegulatorEonium Fusion
War FactoryBlack Widow FacilityNeutron ChamberUnit PatternsWormholesEonium Laboratory
Ion WeaponsBlack Widow FacilityPulsating PhotonsMissile KnowledgePDS ScannerVortex StabilizerCore Resources
Destroyer FactoryImproved CloakingPhoton ChargerMissile BatteryInterferenceHyperspace
Disables: Cloaked Signatures
Advanced Metal Mine
Capital HullsGhost FactoryIonized BeamsMissile TrackingReflection CenterHypergateCrystal Plasma
Cruiser FactoryThe Tarantula ProjectIon DispatcherMissile DeflectionFleet SignaturesAdvanced Crystal Mine
Beam WeaponsTarantula CompoundIon Field ReceiverAdvanced Composites
Battleship FactoryCloaked Capital HullsCloaked Signatures
Disables: Hyperspace
Advanced Eonium Mine
Spectre FactoryDecryption CenterMetal Magma
Metal Extractor
Crystal Magma
Crystal Extractor
Space Mining
Disables: Eonium Magma
Eonium Magma
Disables: Space Mining
Mining FactoryEonium Extractor
Mining Economization
Asteroid Economics
Construction Besides the first 3 Waves only "Constructions" leads to new Ships/Scans/PDS/Mining Facility or Traveltime reduction
Since some of u asked: Only Constructions in WAR or SCIENCE leads to new shiptypes
To Scan new Asteroids you have to research till Resource Signatures