Goals of the Game

This game is a round or better tick based tactical/strategical war game in a SciFi environment.

Major goal (besides having fun) is to reach rank #1 in universe ranking or at least a good position in it. To achieve this you need score which is in turn a result of spending resources (named: metal, crystal or eonium) into Spaceships and similar more or less military equipment.

Resources are mined on initiliazed Asteroids floating around your planet. These asteroids may be found in deep space by using appropriate scans or by attacking other planets in the universe using Astropods, a specialized ship for transporting asteroids to your home planet. To support your astropods you could (and should) send other ships along to destroy or distract enemy forces.

The different types of implemented ships are divided in several classes (see MilStats) which can attack (or stunn using EMP) a distinct class of ships. To build these ships you have to research the appropriate knowledge and construct (see Res/Con) some industrial production place.
To be able to plan (see Battlecalc) better and more effective attacks you can research and build scans giving you different information about potential g

In turn, beeing attacked yourself, you may build a planetarian defense system (PDS) or a big fleet to defeat any attacker.

Planets are grouped together in galaxies (and may not attack each other) which in turn are grouped into clusters forming the universe.