1.This is a private fun game.
This means: I make the rules how and whenever I want. If You dont have fun leave the game.
2.If I dont have fun anymore the game stops.
3.So called multies arent allowed - account sharing is interpreted as multiing, as is account switching/hopping. Thus dont use fake emails or anonymizers.
4.So called bots, scripting and farming or donating roids, ships or salvage is forbidden.
5.Spamming the forum or via mail isnt allowed.
6.If you and friends or whatever play over the same IP (LAN), you should send the Mod (1:1:2) or Admin (1:1:1) an ingame message - multiple accounts from one IP as are those coming through web-anonymiser may be banned otherwise.
7.Using offensive or insulting names/pictures/posts/mails/whatever may lead to direct deletion.
As far as possible standard language is english.
By logging into this game You accept these terms.
Khan, 1. Nov 2002
Last update: December 2016